Monday, December 24, 2012

Restaurant Mural (part 3)

I have finally completed the majority of the restaurant walls. All in all, the owner, and customers, are happy with it.

The final piece is called "Olive Harvest", which is self-explanatory really. It is the closest one to my heart out of all of the lot.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Restaurant Mural (part 2)

Time for some restaurant mural developments!
So far I've finished one wall; 3 different scenes were painted: the wall of Akkah, the ancient city of Petra, and a turkish landscape. All of these were chosen by the client.

There's one wall left, it is small but there is enough room for one painting. After that there is a surprise.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Restaurant Mural (in progress)

I was approached by the owner of the Jerusalem Bakery in Atlanta the other day. He wanted to remodel the restaurant and paint the entire wall with scenes from the Holy Land. Since the restaurant is average-sized, I can't work during open hours, so my work starts after they close (around 9:00pm) and stay there late. Overall it is a fun project that is still under progress; only one scene is completed and 3 more are still to come. The idea is to feel as if you are sitting inside a historical place, peeping at the landscapes through arched windows.

Here's what I've done for him so far: the first scene is for the Wall of Akkah off the Mediterranean sea (aka Nepoleon's Defeater), which is a historical wall that guarded the old city of Akkah from invaders.

The second scene is for the historical city Petra, I'm currently still working on it:

Here I am in action... it's kinda freaky to work alone at 2:am in a dark restaurant; you never know who might be standing outside waiting!

I chose to use Acrylics for this job, because they dry much faster than oils and are very hardy.
More to come.